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"Aim high up above, nothing less, always strive for success."



The Presidential Candidate: Julia was born in Denver, Colorado. She spent most of her life in the Denver Area. She graduated from Colorado Christian University with a B.S. in Aerial Space. Julia joined the Air Force when she turned 20, and served for 19 years. During that time she was stationed in Afghanistan. She flew an A-10, and rescued troops who were surrounded by enemy forces. She was honorably discharged 5 years later when she lost her 20-20 vision due to age. She ran for Governor of Colorado when she was 40. Julia is now 45, happily married with six kids, and a proud member of the Precision Party.


The Vice Presidential Candidate: Ryan is the backup in the election. He will be debating if the president is making the right decisions.  He was in the air force for 23 years and joined when he was 18.  Turns out Ryan did not need a degree, he was just that smart.  He met Julia Thomas as they were heading into combat.  Julia lost her 20-20 vision and left 4 years before Ryan did.  Ryan left the air force for health issues then went back to his wife and dog.  He was not wanted in the household, Ryan even said that the dog was guarding the door when he arrived back home.  Ryan is 47 now and lives with his grandparents.

Brennan Crawford

Campaign Manager:

Brennan is now 45 years old. He was elected mayor for 2 years in Elko, Nevada. He was also a PR director for the University of Maryland. He graduated from Maryland with an MBA.


Press Secretary:

Chris is 38 years old. He graduated from BYU-Provo with a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts. He was then the Dean of Harvard Business School for 7 years.


Our Platform

Gun Control - Against It - The citizens of the United States should have the right to own firearms.

Stem Cell Research - For It - There should be other ways to heal than murder. 

Drug Cartel - Against It - This is dangerous; if one wants it, one needs to work for it. Is it worth it?

Nuclear Energy - For It - This form of energy is more efficient. In addition, bombs may be produced if need be.

Control of Climate Change - Against It - The Earth is not fragile.

Immigration - Against It - If this continues, America will contain more of other countries than itself.

Medical Marijuana - For It - This helps many hospital patients handle pain.

Abortion - Against It - Murder is against the law. Life begins at conception.

More Teacher Pay - Against It - The teachers who do not work for money are genuine. They work for their students.

Safer Schools - For It - Many are in danger as there have been shootings. If there were a guard at every school, possible attackers would not strike as quickly.


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Voter Demographics



PAC Contribution (NRA)                                                $400,000


Donation for Boulder Earthquake                                                        -$100,000

Campaign Via Bus



                        +? votes


TOTAL MONEY EARNED                                              $400,000

TOTAL MONEY SPENT                                                -$100,000

LEFTOVER                                                                    $300,000


Financial Disclosure


PAC Contribution (NRA)                                                $400,000

Press Release                                                                 $20,000

Money from donation for earthquake                            $150,000

Donations                                                                        $85,000

Merchandise                                                                   $80,000

Scandal Press Release                                                 $240,000

TV Advertisement                                                          $280,000

Vice Presidential Debate                                                 $50,000

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TOTAL MONEY EARNED                                           $1,305,000

TOTAL MONEY SPENT                                             -$1,281,000

LEFTOVER                                                                        $4,000


Donation for Boulder Earthquake                                                   -$100,000

Amazing Yard Signs 


Campaign Via Bus                                                                         -$250,000

Amazing Website


TV Advertisement 


Facebook Coordinator     


Amazing Shirts


Billboard Ad


Campaign Office in Major City (Denver)


$500/Plate Fundraiser     


Twitter Coordinator             


Campaign Office in Minor City (Salem)


Field Director


Media Director              


Average Yard Signs         


Newspaper Advertisement



                        +0 votes

          +5,000,000 votes

          +5,000,000 votes

        +10,000,000 votes

          +7,000,000 votes

          +5,000,000 votes

          +4,000,000 votes

            +1,000,000 votes          


+10,000,000 votes

          +5,000,000 votes

          +2,000,000 votes


+5,000,000 votes


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+3,000,000 votes

+2,000,000 votes


Julia Thomas

Ryan Zelko

Brennan Crawford

Chris Hylton

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